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         Kelli McCray is a sought after International Medium, Oracle, Intuitive Life Coach, and an Ordained Interfaith Spiritual Priestess. A Usui Reiki Master and Silva Graduate.

Kelli has been aware of her intuitive gifts since age 13. She's very receptive to the communications she receives from a client’s spirit guides, angels and/or loved ones; therefore intuitive sessions with Kelli are recorded. She has accurately provided consultations for 30 years using all of her senses.

Kelli serves humanity as a writer and educator on the subject of self and personal growth. Through the founding of One Mind and Spirit, C.A.R.E.S.S ™, Intimate Insights™ and In To Me I See ™, she is an effective Change Agent. Kelli teaches others how to create personal successes in their lives. Through recognition of their spiritual essence and gently healing their wounded child within, both give a client a better understanding of self and their spiritual consciousness. She empowers people to recognize their inner brilliance to illuminate their lives and the lives they encounter more effectively. Her approach is to create a safe, compassionate, confidential and healing environment to connect with her clients.

Relying on her vast metaphysical studies, along with intense personal experiences, her life's work has been dedicated to facilitating personal healing, empowerment and spiritual counseling. Kelli enjoys sharing her knowledge and teaching others while continuing to grow as a student of life.

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