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BOOK: Wade In The Water - Wisdom's Guide to Spiritual Baths This is NOT your Traditional Spiritual Bath Book! These are Prescribed Herbs/Fruits (Natureceuticals) from Wisdom. Did you know what these items in a bath will do: Strawberries removes Guilt? Black Pepper helps you Reunite with your spirit after long term neglect? Lavender removes Indecisiveness and Emotional conflict? I invite you to wade in the water in a spiritual bath. I invite you to bathe in warm water with sustenance from the Earth - Natureceuticals. A spiritual bath can be very healing. This spiritual bath can cleanse, heal, and release energy from a cell level. With Natureceuticals, it can even transform the memories in your cells where damaging emotions/thoughts/beliefs have been stored. In this spiritual bath, you will journey to the time that shaped your foundation, your early years. A time before becoming the adult you are today. I invite you to anoint, restore and reset your mind, your body and your soul. You will be grateful for this journey! Buy from Amazon at purple link 

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